My world

My name is Ane Haugen.  
I have a Bachelor in jewellery design from England (2005-2008), 
a Bachelor in entrepreneurship and economics (2013-2016)  
and the Norwegian goldsmith certificate (2010). 
I am the first and only Norwegian who was accepted into Bishopsland Educational Trust (2008-2009) in Reading. Where I made and sold jewellery of own design for one year. During my stay at Bishopsland I was selected to exhibit and sell my jewellery and silverware at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 
I was introduced to the art of hand engraving by Master engraver Malcolm
Appleby whilst visiting Scotland and I fell immediately in love with the art (2009).
Since that time I have visited his workshop several times for in-depth studies 
in this wonderful craft.  
When I moved from England, I was invited to San Francisco for a 3-month 
artist in residency at Cell Space (2010). During my stay I met and was taught engraving by Master Engraver Hratch Nargizian. I ended my San Francisco stay with a solo exhibition and has since traveled several times to the beautiful city to engrave. 
I am one of the few in Norway who practice this traditional craft and I am now teaching courses in hand engraving and goldsmithing at Smykkeskolen. Since then I established Ane Haugen Jewellery & Engraving and is now based in Oslo. 
My jewellery brand is sold both throughout Norway and internationally. 
My passion in life is to hand engraving. 
I find my inspiration in the detailed lines and patterns in nature  such as the lines in a flower petal and in a feathers beauty. The creativity within nature excites me and gives me the idea for my next creation. 
My artistic aim is to create jewellery out of this world and share it with you!